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On this site you will find a searchable index of individuals and entities with links to North Korea sanctioned by the UN, regional bodies or individual countries. We have also collated information from across the Internet including sourced from the international press, think tanks and pressure groups who have conducted their own investigations into DPRK sanctions evasion.

Check out our databases of people, organizations, ships or aircraft listed for, or accused of association with, sanctions evasion. You can also check out our list of UN Panel of Experts reports.

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Latest Investigations

#Cambodia charges crewmembers suspected of violating #NorthKorea sanctions. The tanker, is believed to have engaged in ship-to-ship transfers. https://www.rfa.org/english/news/cambodia/cambodia-nk-sanctions-charges-03052020135738.html

NEW: In 2019, we tracked hundreds of foreign ships traveling between China and Haeju Bay, DPRK. What were they doing? Dredging sand.

@LaurenJSung and @_LucasKuo use satellite imagery and AIS to explore the evolution of DPRK illicit capabilities at sea.


Visit http://pyongyangpapers.com for a searchable index of individuals and entities with links to North Korea sanctions #NorthKorea #DPRK #sanctions

"The United Nations Panel of Experts (PoE) agreed a draft of its annual report on North Korea sanctions issues in the early hours of Saturday morning, an informed source told NK News, despite significant challenges in agreeing to the text."


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